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Why You Stay June 3, 2011

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Je suis un trompe l’oeil

Sticking Bones

Sticking bones, a good reminder

of origin and further decay.

Humanity humbled by

the ever present presence

of dark, cold Oblivion.

Why You Stay

Undiluted and Magnified.

Kept by dream, longing,

respect and homage.

A footprint sporting a morton’s toe so grand

no deathly wind could blow away.

B-day Rhyme

Close your eyes, make a wish, blow away.

Another year to celebrate, a reminder of an empty chair.

Make a wish, blow away, close your eyes.

Changes, new tricks, old habits which die hard. New recollection-sets encased as trophies to awe in glee.

Blow away, close your eyes, make a wish.

You’ve got but one try, better make it count. Live life to its fullest.

Close your eyes, blow away, make a wish.

Lesson learnt, cruel joke, determinism, free will, existentialism, nihilism, roll the dice, flip the coin.

Close your wish, blow your eyes, make away.

Socialism never happened! All your bases belong to us! Resistance is futile! Objects are closer than they appear!

Wish away, wish away, make a wish close your eyes, go away.

The Insane Confidence of Manifesting Feelings and Concrete Things

After Daniel Ponzanelli‘s “Apoyo”

Once you were gone I began looking for you.

I think I always did but the void your absence brought made me realize.

"Apoyo" by Daniel Ponzanelli

So I sleep-deprive myself,

scientifically, precisely, methodically,

so when sleep finally comes I will dream of you.

An invention. First your own, now mine.

An invention,

as true and congruent as you might appear,

an invention, – this I have to tell myself once awake.

Strong as a rock, giving never ending support

as in the living days you did.

An invention, still.