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Reflections after dark April 28, 2010

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We start the night
With fears, hopes,
Hours go by
and we share intimate,
difficult  moments.
I turn my head to scan the room,
around me they all await, just like me.
Each of them reminds me of myself
while they in turn reflect on me.
Still, we remain strangers.
To each its own,
worries, thoughts, paths
and destinies or destinations.
After all it's 4 in the morning,
in a waiting room nowhere and everywhere.
So much like life.

Supernova Effect

A river flows awakening to Spring.
June makes the rain run through the woods.
Laughter flows carelessly in love.
Just as the cool Autumn wind
makes the golden-brown leaves twirl.
Tears tumble in the darkest times
but oddly enough they do so too
in the happiest ones.
All this energy flowing and transforming,
giving meaning to the world, reaching us all.
Energy out of emotion and feeling.
Energy from effort, pain and joy flow as well from you,
from you to the world, from you reaching other ones
It encircles both you and me.
Make a conscious decision to dedicate
all energy deployed by your daily efforts
to a cherished one, to the ones in need.

Pictures found in Flickr, shot by Eye 2 Eye & NASA Goddard Photo and Video, published as Creative Commons. Thanks for sharing with the world!

To my father April 27, 2010

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Alfonso Soto Soria

January 23rd 1926 – April 22nd 2010


No purest Love

No purest love ever was:
from his smile she drank,
his mighty roar she feared.

When she was a child he took her hand,
showed her a world of wonder
filled with beauty, art & creativity.

When he was an old man,
he took her hand once more.
To reassure life, to restore.
To comfort and to show her strength.

Beauty reflections

How beautiful he can be,
even if age and sickness have  tainted him.

Still a sight of a giant, a body of a  strong man
that  encases the vivid imagination of a restless child.

Beauty  out of strength, love & will.
Beauty shared with all who crossed roads with him,
beauty flowing from him,  bringing light & warmth
to  this dark and quiet room,
to  the whole city and the world.