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Get to know me! February 15, 2006

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Mexican-Canadian living in the skirts of Mont Royal, Montreal.

Art History oriented at the History College of Literature and Philosophy Faculty, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (National University of Mexico).

Serious runner since 2000. Best PRs include: 4:45″41′ Marathon de Paris 2005, 1:59″16′ Half-marathon of Montreal 2011, 1:25″32′ Carrera Bosques de las Lomas 2004 15K, 57″48′ Carrera de la Constitución 2004 11K, 51″23′ Carrera Atlética del Barrio de la Conchita Texcoco 2002 10K.

ICOM member since 2000

Puedo hablar/escribir/leer/comprender Español (lengua nativa)
I can speak/write/read/understand English (98.8%)

Je peux parler/écrire/lire/ comprendre Français (91.5%)

Posso parlare/scrivere/leggere/capire l’Italiano (85%)

Eu posso falar/escrevo/lido/compreendo Português (61%)
Ich habe grundlegende Begriffe des Deutschen

2002-2010 PR Representative & dealing with clients and suppliers and performing other various jobs for Labofilms, S.A ( Best part of the job: meeting and having contact with people worldwide. Also having the possibility to travel. In addition was in charge of 20th Century Fox Latin America Trailer Localizing account from 2005-2009, during which I learnt that quality should always come first, and that your performance speaks for itself.

1998-2000 Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil ( Educational Services, Guided tours for ages ranging from kindergarten up to college students, both in English & Spanish. Creation of support materials for exhibits including design. Hiring plastic artists as teachers for workshops. Collaboration in the publication… Cherished memory of the job: Permanent collection paintings’ guided tour for blind people. Hugs after guided tour for Down-syndrome group.

1995-today Various translation jobs (English-Spanish-French).

Translation job for Google Video. Full-length films translation for LVT Mexico (English-Spanish)
Spanish dubbing and subtitles translation for 20th Century Fox, GUSSI, S.A., Corazón Films and Videocine movie trailers including Jumper, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Die Hard 4.0, The Happening, Day Watch, Hair Spray, Black Book.
Alfonso Soto Soria essay translation from Spanish to English for Tapio Wirkkala – Eye, Hand, and Thought, published by WSOY: Taideteollisuusmuseo, 2000 in Finland(
Translation of Mua he chieu thang dung ( from French to Spanish subtitles.
Favorite part of the job: I can work at home, adn well, I do have a passion for the correct use of words.

I run a family owned crafts shop. Excellent costumer services and administration skills.

I’m creator & administrator of the non-profit site Vida de Perros which focuses in helping Mexican dogs by making promoting adoption, spaying and neutering.

I can work both PC and Mac platforms, preferring Mac. Basic software such as Microsoft Office, NeoOffice, Apple Works, Adobe Page Maker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. Newbie in Ubunto platform.

I’m a very good pack leader, always calm assertive and have a liking for large breeds. This could also be applied to children.

Can tie a cherry steam into a knot with my tongue.

Vegetarian cuisine. Go cruelty free!

Lomography, palm & cellular pics.
Canada, Scandinavia  & Paris
Reading (I average 47 books per year, no best sellers please)
Thai cuisine
Charles Bukowski poetry (
Art by Damien Hirst (, Matthew Barney (, Joseph Beuys (, Cindy Sherman (, Yishai Jusidman (