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This in not a couplet August 17, 2012

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Strangely, Uncommonly

Guiding me through deep sensations

Subtle strength that explodes in warmness

A hand that both rests and works in the back of my neck

sumptuous and sleek expressions escaping between open lips

Strangely, uncommonly in love.

With a moment that as soon as comes escapes

but leaves the everliving possibility of duplicity

of creation for a new intention leading to the truest

more frank and open expression of self.

A self non selfish, a self always giving

until the very moment

the equation solves itself and in reciprocity

begins receiving becoming a singularity

out from a plurality

Entwined, overlapped, combined.


In Search, in Awe [a rhythm and a beat]

A place where the true self awaits

a home, a shelter and discovery room

all in one

I searched, in awe I found

Smiles collided, blood, sweat &

even some tears

and we became not two, but one.


Alone with You [a secret world]

Eternal, brief as a sparkle

surprising, but reiterative

refreshing in its warmness

it never gets old

but is old as humanity and before

finding you while I define myself

finding you discovering me

finding you as I explore and I discover

perfection, allure, innuendo

in you