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Just Breath May 19, 2015

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Heart pumping wildly
Mind loosely flying
Eyes catching on each other
Smiles shinning brightly
We meet in enclosing embrace
And we breath from each other.

Hand in hand we walk, we play
We fly, we learn, we experiment
We discover, we travel, we get wiser
We agree but most importantly we dream.

We catch our reflection
In each other’s eyes
In sweet intimacy
Your hand takes mine
It’s a sigh, it’s a whisper
It’s a moan, it’s a tender cry
In the end just breathing
In warm conspiracy
As we lay side by side.

A breath makes us closer
Gives reason and path
We breath even easier
As we frequently laugh
The strength and the purpose
Gives us will to search and desire
To build and to crave
That this breathing of living
As teaching, as legacy passes on
And we can give it a life of its own

It’s a morning kiss
An evening delight
A sunset walking heart in heart
A night’s low, soft voice
That makes my soul soothe
Just breath every second
Own it and enjoy
For life is pleasure, magnificent joy.