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Nutella day February 21, 2015

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She was my friend, my teacher and my small one. She came into my life to propel change, dialogue, understanding and -without a doubt- to make me a better person. She taught me the importance of respect, confrontation and resolution, and the surprising power of acceptance.
She was an active fighter for dog and animal rights, a rescuer of stray dogs. In this sense her legacy survived her brief passing through this world: she changed ways of thought, points of view and while preaching by example influenced all those lucky enough to know her.

A month has gone by without her. The pain of her loss has been so significant it took me all this time to be able to gather the kind of serenity needed to articulate -poorly- in this entry her importance, her gigantic value. She made days extraordinary and adventurous effortlessly; today it is I who has to constantly challenge myself in order to keep the flavour of life flowing untarnished.

I am forever grateful for every aspect of myself she reached, changed and influenced; she was -undoubtedly- a wonderful being. The one who showed me how to look at the world with eyes wide open and an inquisitive mind; the one who eroded every prejudice still standing within me.
Her lessons on courage, integrity, respect, elegance, modesty and truthfulness -even in the harshest of circumstances- will be forever cherished and emulated.

A word to you Tallulah, in hopes its echo will somehow reach you: Chapeau my dearest one for a life filled with significance, for a life well lived! Today I stand a better, more complex being and it is all because of you.


As the wind October 24, 2012

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As the wind carelessly blows away the few remaining shades of Summer into the rich fresh-lime, endless-yellow and golden textures of Autumn, it is once again time of inward reflection.

I don’t know why but Autumn does that to me. As the chipmunk gathers nuts, as the raccoon stores fat, I take my thoughts and recollections of times past, of lives that I’ve so loved and paths I’ve consciously diverged from.

Maybe I’m getting ready to comfortably warm with them, these dear recollections, my bones and hungry body. Maybe is just how the beautiful time of corduroy & wool warms me, packed between its tight layers.

As I walked between the golden & crimson trees, letting my mind wander, a leaf felt, I picked it up and thought of you.

May Autumn inspire your very best dreams, those which would lead your steps into fulfillment.

The flow of life has ever-changing rhythm. We collapse and loose track of those who are meaningful to us; they slip away as if only for an instant even if the instant lingers for years at a time. Just like a river, sometimes with strong current, others with only a tiny silver filament we walk the same paths with our dearest ones.

Always, remember this, you’ll be cherished by me and my thoughts will carry you, along with the warmest of smiles, ready to sneak out next time we meet.

If we don’t remember me… December 21, 2011

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Asymmetry I (as per Delia Gonzalez’s Relevee)

Blind but chromatic, strong but bashful.

Over the edge, over the ledge, overstated


Dripping soundlessly, open to rhetoric synchrony.

Never before, never again, never forsake


Tripping, tipping and tripping off.


Asymmetry II (as per Moby’s Victoria Lucas)

In a place called Armonia,

briskly, flawlessly, carelessly,

a girl felt mad with love

with a boy called Utopia.

Curiously, wordlessly, incoherently

they parted ways, never

to be far apart, nor close by.

Remote spectators, frequent visitations,

fluent commentators, conflict generators.

Circular, pendular, orbital, within reach but ephemeral.

Maurizio Cattelan


Asymmetry III (as per All, Maurizio Cattelan)

It all is about conflict,

It all is abut the order of chaos,

is both conscience and blissful incoherence.

A gestural symptom of what lies,

and lies within, a symbolism

of that which hides in plain sight.

It’s all about the strong and determined

movement of action, caught by a blinking eye.

An ever escaping moment that will now happen,

again and again, repeated,

with each regard.

It’s all about a silent and tender slap in the face,

bringing more a smile than a tear,

but which will forever leave you soiled inside.

This side of the blue November 10, 2011

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I dream of Prozac

I sleep to dream.
When I dream I hide.
I hide within my best self,
She who is free and she who is at peace.
In my dreams I can release,
A smile, a wish, a kiss.


Partners in crime

3 weeks they spent together, a time that became a bridge of understanding, sharing and learning. Together like never before. Becoming a friend, a teacher and even a partner in crime.
It was right then and where that she came to know equality had been reached, one and the other finally in equal ground, shoulder to shoulder, measured in the same identical terms. Reciprocity and enjoyment. Countless meditations, a lifetime of reflections and thoughts.
Her life enriched and now the keeper of confidence, truth and unsuspected camaraderie.


This side of the blue

Some things… they need just be. When they are, the whole world gains that feeling of perfection we all have felt once in a while.
Once happened, the taste of fulfillment will linger and a brand new, pure memory will take form. From these I nourish. I burn memories to keep an enlightened heart when the dark comes.
Let things be, learn from them, cherish them, feed of them. In time, let them be your sustain. Then you will see this side of the blue is complex, both good and bad, both happy and sad, both perfection and completely flawed but, without doubt, splendid.