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Fighting against the unbearable strength of destiny while biting on a strawberry popsicle. November 10, 2011

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It has happened before, it will happen again.
You have been there, as have I.
Sometimes the wind blows so hard,
that even the thickest of trees,
brakes succumbing to its power.

Will. Ethic. Belief. Tradition.
Even Paul Anderson or psychoanalysis.
They do not stand a chance.
When it happens, it just happens.

Bowling Alley

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I have never
a friend is a master
trophies, finals
the whole nine yards.

He says bowling is life
lines are paths
pins are thoughts
the ball is decision

I’m no good
with metaphors
life is, I think

we travel
never seeing enough
never doing enough
never wanting enough
never getting enough

one of these days
I’ll do the bowling

Pics by paxsimius, Flickr’s Creative Commons.

How to Spot a Compulsive Liar

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How to Spot a Compulsive Liar
By eHow Health Editor

Compulsive liars are different from pathological liars or those who only lie periodically. There is often no obvious reason for the lying, and different underlying motivations exist for compulsive liars than for other types of liars. Certain warning signs can help you discern whether you are dealing with a compulsive liar, so read on to learn what these are.

Step 1

Notice how often the person seemingly lies. Compulsive liars lie on a regular and ongoing basis; it is a habit in which they participate almost all the time.

Step 2

Consider the apparent ease with which a person tells a lie. If they appear uncomfortable or nervous, then chances are that they are not a compulsive liar. Lying comes naturally to a compulsive liar, who looks and feels more comfortable lying than telling the truth.

Step 3

Focus on the types of things that the person lies about. A compulsive liar often lies about anything and everything, even small, seemingly insignificant things.

Step 4

Evaluate the motivation behind the person’s lying. If the person seems to lie simply when it is beneficial for them or when it gets them out of an awkward situation, they are probably not a compulsive liar. Someone who is a compulsive liar generally lies because doing so is a habit and not because they are trying to manipulate others.

Step 5

Think about the person’s personality characteristics to determine whether they fit the stereotype of a compulsive liar. Often, compulsive liars begin this habit to get attention from others or to make themselves appear better in some way, so a compulsive liar may have issues with poor self-esteem.

Step 6

Examine whether a potential compulsive liar recognizes their behavior. Because lying is such an ingrained habit for a compulsive liar, they may not even recognize that they are doing it, or they may deny the behavior.

Step 7

Look at the person’s ability to remain consistent in what they say. A compulsive liar may have a difficult time keeping their stories straight since they have injected so many lies into what they have told other people.

For more on Liars visit:
If you have a compulsive liar in your life, you better run.

Pics from Flickr, posted as Creative Commons by id-iom & teaeff

Necessity [as in you are a necessity]

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As per definition:
One entry found.

Main Entry:
\ni-?se-s?-t?, -?ses-t?\
Inflected Form(s):
plural ne·ces·si·ties
Middle English necessite, from Anglo-French necessité, from Latin necessitat-, necessitas, from necesse
14th century

1: the quality or state of being necessary
2 a: pressure of circumstance b: physical or moral compulsion c: impossibility of a contrary order or condition
3: the quality or state of being in need ; especially : poverty
4 a: something that is necessary : requirement b: an urgent need or desire
— of necessity
: in such a way that it cannot be otherwise ; also : as a necessary consequence <further changes=”” will=”” occur=”” of=”” necessity=””>Personally:
Necessity is omnipresent, it exists even if you have indulged it -make that repeatedly-, its a self-contained being.
As opposed definition to “wanting” “belief” or “liking” which are fable beings in the pampered hands of desire, always voluble, temperamental and dependent of daily happenings. They all allow the possibility of disappointment.

As once read:
Necessity is an independent concept. It has different structure from logic, morals or meaning. Its function lies entirely in the role it plays. What necessity requires DOES need to exist.


Speaking about magnets, hearts & corny-early-nighties music.

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There will always be rules of attraction which
à mon avis,
once found will ever exist
no matter time,
no matter space,
no matter implications, possible complications,
against all imagination, exasperation & desperation.

Day after day the attraction reappears
always tempting & comforting.
night after night my heartbeat shows
the strength of my desire & affection for you.

No matter where you are, what you’re doing
or what you become,
the rules will always apply to you.


This side of the blue

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I dream of Prozac

I sleep to dream.
When I dream I hide.
I hide within my best self,
She who is free and she who is at peace.
In my dreams I can release,
A smile, a wish, a kiss.


Partners in crime

3 weeks they spent together, a time that became a bridge of understanding, sharing and learning. Together like never before. Becoming a friend, a teacher and even a partner in crime.
It was right then and where that she came to know equality had been reached, one and the other finally in equal ground, shoulder to shoulder, measured in the same identical terms. Reciprocity and enjoyment. Countless meditations, a lifetime of reflections and thoughts.
Her life enriched and now the keeper of confidence, truth and unsuspected camaraderie.


This side of the blue

Some things… they need just be. When they are, the whole world gains that feeling of perfection we all have felt once in a while.
Once happened, the taste of fulfillment will linger and a brand new, pure memory will take form. From these I nourish. I burn memories to keep an enlightened heart when the dark comes.
Let things be, learn from them, cherish them, feed of them. In time, let them be your sustain. Then you will see this side of the blue is complex, both good and bad, both happy and sad, both perfection and completely flawed but, without doubt, splendid.