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Quick flow September 29, 2011

Filed under: Heartfelt — Lucila Soto @ 9:51 am

Never in fear

You are gentle
Never in fear

Never in fear

You choose your own path
You struggle along its
Crooked roads
You do not know
What hides away

But there you are
Never, ever
In fear


There’s a rhythm

There’s a rhythm
There’s a sound
In the day
As in the cold night

A leaf blower truck
A tennis ball
A dog in need
And an empty house

The trees change shades
Coffee changes flavor
The ones walking along the street
Change for warmer covers
And even in attitude

Autumn has become
In the air, in the chill
In the early dusk
In the long night
Filled with dreams


Withdraw syndrome

As time goes by
Illusion, hope and
Fade away

Feelings linger
Across space and time
They survive
But the will fades away

And you will lose focus
Becoming a watermark
A distant memory
Of a never was

8452 September 26, 2011

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I will be running in the crowd
Engulfed by it
I will be a number

But I will be unique
I will be alone
I run alone
otto quattro cinque due

But I’m not alone
I run in company
Of all those who love me
Who care
eight four five two

All of the sudden
In the final kilometers
There is only me
Me and the finish line
Me being defined by myself
Character, confidence, effort
huit quatre cinq deux

You can live a life
You can live glorious moments
within that life
Crossing the finish line
Of self-imposed goals
Is the definition of glory
acht vier fünf zwei

Essayez de me rattraper. Moi, je me dépasse.