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Farewell to Bela November 17, 2009

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Sadly, my beloved Bela has passed away.

She died peacefully on a Sunday, November the 15th, at her home, surrounded by her family. I’m confident she wasn’t put through any undue suffering; I sought to give her a chance to normalize her digestive system. Still, the past few days were especially difficult for her. She gave her best and made me keep pushing her a bit farther, based on what I saw in her eyes: a will to go on and beat all the odds, as she’d always done.

This Sunday she seemed a bit happier and stronger. After her short morning walk in the yard, I decided to put her in my bed (which she loves). The autumn sun was coming in through the window. She curled up in a ball (hadn’t done that in several weeks) and fell placidly asleep, while I gently scratched her head.

photo 3(2)

It was then that Bela felt happy and safe. It was here, in my company and near all her family, that she decided her time with us was at its end. She died without pain, just faded away as briskly as she’d lived her entire life.

Her constant presence, her understanding, independent and self-reliant nature, her joy for life and her loving nose-rubs will be missed; more than she’ll ever know. I know, though, that the end of the road had come for her. Thus, I let her go, knowing that this was the best for her.For the rest of the pack: Aullido, Tallulah, Daniel and myself, life goes on; and we owe it to Bela to live it to the fullest. We owe it to her to always be a bit stubborn, a bit sneaky, a bit reckless, never to stay behind, and of course to always, always keep wagging our tails.

To all of our friends, specially the ones who knew her, who were with us during this last battle, we thank you with all our heart for your help, your support, your kind and encouraging words, and for being there for us.

For her joy of speed,
her joy of life
Her sneakiness
and incredible strength
She was loved,
and you will ever be,
each and every day.
You were a bittersweet flavor,
and a real lady,
For these qualities you were admired.
I will miss you
forever more.
You were wise enough
to teach mephoto(2)
the value of life,
the true meaning of fidelity
and the true meaning
of what it is
to take care of
your loved ones.
Always took such good care of me.
Always patient with me.
Allowing me to learn for myself.
Always forgiving.

Farewell my dearest one,
be free to run once more
like we did so many times.
Until we meet to run again,
I will cherish your memory.
You are always,
in my heart.
photo 2(2)