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As the wind October 24, 2012

Filed under: This side of the blue. — Lucila Soto @ 4:17 pm

As the wind carelessly blows away the few remaining shades of Summer into the rich fresh-lime, endless-yellow and golden textures of Autumn, it is once again time of inward reflection.

I don’t know why but Autumn does that to me. As the chipmunk gathers nuts, as the raccoon stores fat, I take my thoughts and recollections of times past, of lives that I’ve so loved and paths I’ve consciously diverged from.

Maybe I’m getting ready to comfortably warm with them, these dear recollections, my bones and hungry body. Maybe is just how the beautiful time of corduroy & wool warms me, packed between its tight layers.

As I walked between the golden & crimson trees, letting my mind wander, a leaf felt, I picked it up and thought of you.

May Autumn inspire your very best dreams, those which would lead your steps into fulfillment.

The flow of life has ever-changing rhythm. We collapse and loose track of those who are meaningful to us; they slip away as if only for an instant even if the instant lingers for years at a time. Just like a river, sometimes with strong current, others with only a tiny silver filament we walk the same paths with our dearest ones.

Always, remember this, you’ll be cherished by me and my thoughts will carry you, along with the warmest of smiles, ready to sneak out next time we meet.