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Necessity [as in you are a necessity] November 10, 2011

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As per definition:
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Main Entry:
\ni-?se-s?-t?, -?ses-t?\
Inflected Form(s):
plural ne·ces·si·ties
Middle English necessite, from Anglo-French necessité, from Latin necessitat-, necessitas, from necesse
14th century

1: the quality or state of being necessary
2 a: pressure of circumstance b: physical or moral compulsion c: impossibility of a contrary order or condition
3: the quality or state of being in need ; especially : poverty
4 a: something that is necessary : requirement b: an urgent need or desire
— of necessity
: in such a way that it cannot be otherwise ; also : as a necessary consequence <further changes=”” will=”” occur=”” of=”” necessity=””>Personally:
Necessity is omnipresent, it exists even if you have indulged it -make that repeatedly-, its a self-contained being.
As opposed definition to “wanting” “belief” or “liking” which are fable beings in the pampered hands of desire, always voluble, temperamental and dependent of daily happenings. They all allow the possibility of disappointment.

As once read:
Necessity is an independent concept. It has different structure from logic, morals or meaning. Its function lies entirely in the role it plays. What necessity requires DOES need to exist.


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