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This side of the blue November 10, 2011

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I dream of Prozac

I sleep to dream.
When I dream I hide.
I hide within my best self,
She who is free and she who is at peace.
In my dreams I can release,
A smile, a wish, a kiss.


Partners in crime

3 weeks they spent together, a time that became a bridge of understanding, sharing and learning. Together like never before. Becoming a friend, a teacher and even a partner in crime.
It was right then and where that she came to know equality had been reached, one and the other finally in equal ground, shoulder to shoulder, measured in the same identical terms. Reciprocity and enjoyment. Countless meditations, a lifetime of reflections and thoughts.
Her life enriched and now the keeper of confidence, truth and unsuspected camaraderie.


This side of the blue

Some things… they need just be. When they are, the whole world gains that feeling of perfection we all have felt once in a while.
Once happened, the taste of fulfillment will linger and a brand new, pure memory will take form. From these I nourish. I burn memories to keep an enlightened heart when the dark comes.
Let things be, learn from them, cherish them, feed of them. In time, let them be your sustain. Then you will see this side of the blue is complex, both good and bad, both happy and sad, both perfection and completely flawed but, without doubt, splendid.

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