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Nutella day February 21, 2015

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She was my friend, my teacher and my small one. She came into my life to propel change, dialogue, understanding and -without a doubt- to make me a better person. She taught me the importance of respect, confrontation and resolution, and the surprising power of acceptance.
She was an active fighter for dog and animal rights, a rescuer of stray dogs. In this sense her legacy survived her brief passing through this world: she changed ways of thought, points of view and while preaching by example influenced all those lucky enough to know her.

A month has gone by without her. The pain of her loss has been so significant it took me all this time to be able to gather the kind of serenity needed to articulate -poorly- in this entry her importance, her gigantic value. She made days extraordinary and adventurous effortlessly; today it is I who has to constantly challenge myself in order to keep the flavour of life flowing untarnished.

I am forever grateful for every aspect of myself she reached, changed and influenced; she was -undoubtedly- a wonderful being. The one who showed me how to look at the world with eyes wide open and an inquisitive mind; the one who eroded every prejudice still standing within me.
Her lessons on courage, integrity, respect, elegance, modesty and truthfulness -even in the harshest of circumstances- will be forever cherished and emulated.

A word to you Tallulah, in hopes its echo will somehow reach you: Chapeau my dearest one for a life filled with significance, for a life well lived! Today I stand a better, more complex being and it is all because of you.


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