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The Gloomy Days January 20, 2015

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We cry our shame
Of acting logically
Of heartbreak
Of impotence

We cry our shame
Of being responsible
Of making sure every day
hour and waking moment

We cry our shame
Because we believe
we’re being generous
We believe we’re
doing the right thing
the only thing

Because We-are-being-of-help

Amazing body art taken from @blacktattooing IG gallery

Amazing body art taken from @blacktattooing IG gallery

That’s why we cry
In shame
In despair
In pain

Because inside
the unspeakable words
roar like thunder
We could’ve done more
We could’ve been nicer
We could’ve been more caring

Good enough is never enough
More than enough is never
Good enough

But time is past that

And now
We cry in shame


Amazing body art taken from @blacktattooing IG gallery.


The Praxis January 14, 2015

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IMG_7080.JPGVegetarianism, year one.

It’s not about what you think, nor about what you say. What defines you are your actions. Consciousness and belief can only be expressed by fact and act. In the end, your daily comings and goings are what determine who you are.
One year ago I decided to become a vegetarian; the reasons behind it are ethical and against cruelty. But I truly believe it also was a coherent and logical step that can be traced back 9 years ago, to that cheerful February when Tallulah came into my life.

After her -because of her- I started noticing for real the strays roaming the streets. She then began rescuing dogs, leaving me no choice but to take action. Vida de Perros (an online blog centred on creating conscience on dog care, rescue efforts and adoption practice) was then born, and I became involved with associations, rescue refugees and independent rescuers; even becoming hands on along the way.

Awareness became a daily practice and after a while it permeated mostly every aspect of my actions. Then, last year the next logical step came. A personal, individual, self-conscious and über-thought decision: I became a vegetarian for good.

Was it difficult? By no means! It has been enlightening, a never-ending source of new knowledge, ultra satisfactory and tons of fun. For this, of course you have to be an open thinker, have a real thirst for experimenting and an innate interest in learning. Research is the main key behind every successful story about change and when a change of lifestyle is the subject matter, believe me, the more research you do, the better.

Today I eat food with names such as tempeh, seitan, kale, agar agar, tamari, baba ghanoush, romanesco and the soIMG_7081.JPGrt. The newly added flavours are Indian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese; from Thailand and Peru. My palate exploding with the magnificent tones and hues of spices and melting down with delicate aromas and tastes like sweet almond, coconut, cardamom and Turkish delight.

Today I feel nourished for the first time. Each meal nutrients making goodness for my body, mind and soul. My taste buds are awaken, they appreciate better each and every morsel. My body does too: my skin and hair feel better than ever. Today I find more than appropriate the French term for food: “nourriture” which means to nourish: indeed it does, mind, body and soul. Each bite only goodness; no suffering, no harm done.

A new code of beliefs and practices modified my former self into a holistic one; being a vegetarian is not only about not eating meat. The real change comes when seeing your surroundings not as “I” but as “We”, not anthropocentric but ecocentric. And furthermore, understanding whole processes, their interactions and consequences. In one word: consciousness, or its synonym in this context, awareness.

IMG_7082.JPGAnd there lies the quid of it: nothing can make you more good than acting coherently. The feeling of having achieved change for the better, for good, is the very best feeling around. Cheers then for the very first year of being vegetarian, cheers to change and improvement, cheers to a new milestone!

Be part of the solution, never part of the problem.
If you’re what you eat, then become goodness.

• All Images from amazing Pierre Huyghe’s art: Untilled (Liegender Frauenakt), 2012; Zoodram 5 (after ‘Sleeping Muse’ by Constantin Brancusi), 2011; Human, 2012.




Pain and Rage November 18, 2014

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I want to hear your words of pain and rage, which I share.

I am not concerned with whether city halls are burning, nor with how many cars, doors, or government buildings have been burnt. Those are but symbolic actions done to replaceable things.

What I want to acknowledge is your pain, your rage, and the angst that comes from not knowing where your young students might be.

I also want to tell you that I have been following you, standing by you all along the protests and mobilizations that have been held in Mexico and in the world; although my acts do not appear in the paid media, I want you to know that I have joined you with real and true actions.

This is why I want you to keep on speaking, demanding, stating, unveiling the truth, and I want you to know that I will be listening to you, that your courage has shaken me; that it has changed me.

I shall greet your words with all of my heart and listen to your pain and your rage with outmost respect and profound admiration.

That is all.

An appropriation, loosely based in EZLN’s speech to Ayotzinapa students’ parents.
#missing43 #Ayotzinapa
Quiero escuchar sus palabras de dolor y rabia, mismas que comparto como mías.

No me preocupa si presidencias municipales se queman; ni cuántos carros, puertas o edificios gubernamentales arden. Esos son actos simbólicos realizados a objetos reemplazables.

Lo que quiero enfatizar es el dolor, la rabia y la angustia provenientes de la incertidumbre respecto al paradero de los jóvenes estudiantes.

También quiero decirles que los he apoyado en las protestas y movilizaciones que se han realizado en México y en el mundo; aunque mis acciones de apoyo no aparezcan en los medios de paga, quiero que sepan que los he acompañado con hechos reales y verdaderos.

Quiero que sigan hablando, exigiendo, declarando, exponiendo la verdad, y quiero asegurarles que los estaré escuchando, que su valentía me ha inspirado y me ha transformado.

Recibiré sus palabras con todo el corazón para escuchar su dolor y su rabia con un profundo respeto y con gran admiración.

Es todo.

Apropiación, libremente basada en el discurso del EZLN a los padres de los estudiantes de Ayotzinapa.
#ayotzinapa #yamecansé


#HappySunset July 11, 2014

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Evening through evening, days and days, years and years. And more to come. #HappySunset #withYou

Happy Sunset


I’ve already cried you a river. April 22, 2014

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I’ve already cried you a river.
But I’ll cry you oceans to come.

My father died yesterday but tomorrow will be yet another anniversary from his passing. This is as simple as saying no matter how much time goes by losing him is an unforgivable action. The pain of knowing I will never see him again, I will never talk to him nor kiss him and embrace him, has become a void that will never, could never be filled again. This -a feeling that comes from a very dark and heavy place- is to stay with me forever, I know. What small or big thing is to be learnt from his absence will never be worth enough to become a palliative of sorts.
It’s an anchor that was suddenly plucked from my life. It is not to be taking as a child’s pain. As an Elektra-sort of dependency. It is just love. And if while reading this you are unable to understand, unable to relate, the truth of the fact is that you just haven’t loved and care for a living being. And that’s that.

Then again, I find myself in a place that could be called a crossroad. The path I am to choose will take me to an un-walkable existence. It will define me for the rest of my days, and inflict on my surroundings a new kind of colour. Change happens daily; we wake up each morning being one but lay to sleep at night being slightly changed, as a more knowledgable or sophisticated version. But as the infinite knowledge of Time has it, the awakening from time to time is one of a being so different in depth an purpose that can only be said to be another.

It is a time for my quest to find Hope. Not hope for my sake. Not hope for my transcendence. I don’t believe in such things. My monsters are bigger than that. I need to find hope for a world that seems to be decomposing. Hope for my species which seems to be unethical, unconscious, immoral. I need to find hope for reason, hope for hope sake. I need the sheer confidence of understanding what life means. I need to understand the hope continuity after my existence. This I say not as an egocentric might but as the hope a believer does. It is my heart’s desire, my soul’s desire, to be able to grasp hope as mean to be able to write, speak, act and be in a brighter, lighter, more purposeful place.

Father, all things set aside and after all things have been said and told, I have to state my surprise about the fact that you raised a child that can only properly function in love, compassion, knowledge and understanding. This is your biggest legacy to me and my most revered discovery about your life. It is also a line of teaching worth of transcendence. This I also carry with me and this is -I understand- the best of places to begin my search for hope.

I will always love you. I will forever miss you.


No gun, no cry December 18, 2012

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IMG_1875-GunAs with almost every matter worthy of reflection, worthy of losing sleep over, worthy of taking a stand for, it happens that much wiser, clever, resourceful and articulate women and men have thought of and write about before me with such depths and understanding as to which I will never be able to aspire achieving. This is why I’m beginning this short and concise diatribe regarding my own personal approach on guns, guns legislation, gun ownership, and gun making with words from two of those men.

Magnificent Haruki Murakami wrote in one of his awarded novels, Kafka on the Shore, the following paragraph explaining the Chekhov’s pistol narrative logic when writing a story:
If a pistol appears in a story, eventually it’s got to be fired”. Necessity is an independent concept. It has different structure from logic, morals or meaning. It’s function lies entirely in the role it plays. What necessity requires DOES need to exist.

Then, there’s this other quote taken from brutal and outstanding Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut:
I have told my sons that they are not under any circumstances to take part in massacres, and that the news of massacres of enemies is not to fill them with satisfaction or glee.
I have also told them not to work for companies which make massacre machinery, and to express contempt for people who think we need machinery like that.

I have -since always- loathed fire weapons for all they represent. The sheer idea of human conceptual and creative mind focusing its power of invention into a tool of destruction, of overpowering the Other, of death, makes me feel both ashamed and sad for the species as it portrays a decadent, uncivilized and stupid one. I am and always will be, against the use, ownership or existence of guns.

The concept behind a fire arm is simple: it has no other purpose than to kill. Its only use is to destroy -efficiently- making in the process as much damage as possible as to accomplish its aim with flawless perfection. Unlike a bow or a knife, which can be used for things other than killing, a gun’s one an only use is to kill or, if you fail at it, hurt or injure. You can not construct anything with a gun as its purpose is the opposite: destruction. So you see, you can’t even construct security or safety with it. A fire arm is then in principle a twisted concept, like torture machinery and tools, like gas chambers, like an atomic bomb, like the guillotine.

I do believe in the inevitably of cause an effect, I do believe that when you introduce a gun in the story it will be fired and that in firing a gun you will forever lose all that which makes you honest and rational; that which gives you integrity. If you’re one of those who believe in the right and need of having a gun, then, I have nothing but contempt for you.

You, being for or angst, should take a look to these:

Bowlng for Clumbine by Michael Moore (sorry, Portuguese version is te only one I could get.)

Michael Moore “We have to take care of each other.”


This in not a couplet August 17, 2012

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Strangely, Uncommonly

Guiding me through deep sensations

Subtle strength that explodes in warmness

A hand that both rests and works in the back of my neck

sumptuous and sleek expressions escaping between open lips

Strangely, uncommonly in love.

With a moment that as soon as comes escapes

but leaves the everliving possibility of duplicity

of creation for a new intention leading to the truest

more frank and open expression of self.

A self non selfish, a self always giving

until the very moment

the equation solves itself and in reciprocity

begins receiving becoming a singularity

out from a plurality

Entwined, overlapped, combined.


In Search, in Awe [a rhythm and a beat]

A place where the true self awaits

a home, a shelter and discovery room

all in one

I searched, in awe I found

Smiles collided, blood, sweat &

even some tears

and we became not two, but one.


Alone with You [a secret world]

Eternal, brief as a sparkle

surprising, but reiterative

refreshing in its warmness

it never gets old

but is old as humanity and before

finding you while I define myself

finding you discovering me

finding you as I explore and I discover

perfection, allure, innuendo

in you


Quick flow September 29, 2011

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Never in fear

You are gentle
Never in fear

Never in fear

You choose your own path
You struggle along its
Crooked roads
You do not know
What hides away

But there you are
Never, ever
In fear


There’s a rhythm

There’s a rhythm
There’s a sound
In the day
As in the cold night

A leaf blower truck
A tennis ball
A dog in need
And an empty house

The trees change shades
Coffee changes flavor
The ones walking along the street
Change for warmer covers
And even in attitude

Autumn has become
In the air, in the chill
In the early dusk
In the long night
Filled with dreams


Withdraw syndrome

As time goes by
Illusion, hope and
Fade away

Feelings linger
Across space and time
They survive
But the will fades away

And you will lose focus
Becoming a watermark
A distant memory
Of a never was

Nirvana July 22, 2011

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A newborn duckling, compassion.

A wild fox jumping, empathy.

A scared raccoon climbing a tree, linked.

All things connected:

past. present, a shared future.


Sipping coffee.

Morning stretch.

Watching a cloud with lighting within.

A matting call.

A hand that reaches to touch you,

to become you.


Never looked for.

Never searched for.

For its nature becomes



real, truth and meaning.


I walk. I see. I smell.

I sing. I dance. I write.

In fire.

Not searching for an answer

but in possession of a problem

it arrives and engulfs me.


The melody will forever linger April 15, 2011

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The wise thing to do is have no expectations from others, but be harsh and exigent with oneself. You can only master yourself. You can only praise others. It never works if you do it the other way around. This I learned from my father.

Provide knowledge and confidence; teach passively; teach openly; be generous in giving from yourself. Preaching by example. Easier said than done and somehow he managed.

True statement: h e never hold high hopes for me. He never wanted me to be famous, make a fortune nor excel. Nevertheless he was always ready to offer his support when needed or to be amazed whenever he saw me passionate and intrigued about any subject matter I decided to pursue. He would celebrate my success and lend a non judgmental ear along some wise words when he found me in distress. I now know he cherished me so -as he did the ones close to him-, that he only wanted for me true happiness and fulfillment, the way I chose to achieve it would always be entirely up to me.

From himself, he would only accept the very best, never a conformist, always searching for more. Even at his old and savvy age, he still wanted to do more and always spoke about how he still was searching for the chance to produce his best ever opera, or to give his best performance.

A year has already gone by since I last saw him, since we last spoke. I know he would be a little disappointed on me because there’s always a shadow of sadness in my smile ever since he passed, but I can honestly say I have become wiser,Ii do focus better and of course, I am searching, learning, staring, becoming better and this, I have found, is happiness for me.

My path, my pace, my footprints, all of them will always be strong as they are based on such hard foundation as my father supplied. The melody of his being will always linger within me.

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