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A dream April 29, 2011

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The kettle’s high pitch was audible all through the house. She left the bedroom and walked briskly to the kitchen. This night dinner would be instant coffee with a dash of milk and a toast. She needed to watch her weight as her right hip and leg had been achy the past couple of weeks and her doctor advised taking some weight off her small frame was a good idea.

Well, maybe she could have 2 vanilla cookies, her favorites since forever. They were thin and small so they would satisfy her craving for some sugar and, at the same time, her doctor’s requests.

Dinner in hand she returned to the bedroom and placed the tray into her night stand. Then she sat on the far edge of the right of her now way too big king size bed. She started to search for the T. V. remote when a sens of misplacement took over her.

– Hi! said his voice.

She felt goosebumps and turned to the left side of the bed slowly. He was there, he seamed fine, healthy, a bit younger even. And he was smiling, a sneaky ear-to-ear one, like when he was enjoying some mischief he had just done.

– What are you doing here? She said a bit surprised. – Where have you been all this months?

– Where do you think? was his answer. Again he smiled and after letting a minute go by so the thought could sink on her he added, – Look at what I can do now!

With no apparent effort nor pain he reached his right hand to touch her without moving any other part of his body. So his arm got longer and  longer and longer, until he could caressed her cheek softly. Meanwhile his left hand mirrored the sudden elongation and was almost falling out of the bed.

– You know you shouldn’t be here. It is no longer a place for you, and as much as I miss you, you need to go. Go and find rest and peace. She then told him.

Then, she turned around just a second so she could wipe a tear from her eye and heard him say: – It’s fine, I’m going then.

And he was gone again. And she felt once again the sense of loss and that now familiar pain in the center of her chest.

And she took a sip of her instant coffee. No mood for cookies now.

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