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The void April 22, 2015

Filed under: Heartfelt — Lucila Soto @ 5:00 am

IMG_9262.JPGLike a wave it comes.
Not from a calm and gentle sea;
Like in early morning hour of my childhood
In that Caribbean blue,
Where we used to swim.

The shock of cold,
Furious water shakes me.
Shakes my brain,
Shakes me to the core.

Five years have come and gone by,
But the void still remains.
As fresh as that morning news,
Bringing much sorrow
Of dark abstruse magnitude.

I have surrendered to it,
Although I have carefully refrained
To explore its depths.
It is a pain, a lack of certainty
That since your loss inhabits me.

It has made me matured,
In ways all daughters must
Even if it pains the soul.
Now your presence I miss,
But as sure as I carry this void
With each step I take
You are within me.

Only in your absence
I was able to known that true legacy,
More than the glory days you lived
-for your life was rich and fruitful
As few will be.

It is the legacy of good men
Who knew how to love,
How to teach the important:
Being earnest and true
To that which is believed.

Without vanity, without disloyalty
No egoism but curiosity,
Thirst for wonder,
Hunger for knowledge.
All this traits are mine to keep.

Dearest to me
You always will be,
Forever cherished and
Forever missed.
This is the void I carry within.

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