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The lai of Big-belly days [A pregnancy mester de juglaria] February 16, 2016

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Begins as a concept a drafted ideaimage2

That turns into a feeling

And undiluted hope

As you evolve

Change comes

Tiny first but growing

Making his presence a new center

The reason of it all.

Big belly days have begun

Still -an epic, a poem,

The biggest change of them all

Comes from within

Beliefs challenged, put to test

Modified and realigned

A Mother, a mother I will become.



Earliest memories of them all

My mother’s caring ways

My grandmother molding me

Warmth and love; wisdom and teachings for life

In turn I will profess to my child

Inherited, instinctive, old as time

Incredibly clear as a bright morning

From a new day’s dawn.

These are the enlightened days:

Fruitful, provocative and significant;

You have taken me, rewritten anew

Inhabit me making me whole

A child-bearing force of nature

Primal, ancient, fearless: yours.

In awe I awoke to these big-belly days

Opening up to emotion and grace

New rhythms I danced with you my child

Eternally in love with you.

It’s internal, this glow

new meaning and strength

A daredevil of hope -what a force!

A mother I have become.

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