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Is it? October 10, 2016

Filed under: Heartfelt — Lucila Soto @ 6:36 pm

Because of the brief and extremely rare moments of pure, undiluted beauty.

Because of that uplifting feeling of having complete control that lasts only for a blink.

Because of innocence lost whenever a sunset ceases to allure.

Because the essence of discovery and awe awakens in every generation once more.

Because of consciousness gained after that void left by loss.

Because of caring words spoken late or, worst yet, left unspoken.

Because of the evasive and unquenchable struggle for pleasure.

Because in every smile lays hope.

Because a child within its tiny hand a mother’s heart captive holds.

Because the farthest star we always dream to reach.

Because that tune a clever man composed for eternity to behold.

Because of sadness and joy attested in centuries past. 

Because the enormity of the possible and paths mistaken.

Because of human ephemeral condition and all that wasted time.

Is this why the Willow weeps?

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