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Such a guy April 27, 2018

Filed under: Heartfelt — Lucila Soto @ 7:36 am

Raw to the marrow
Wild and untamed

The strongest character

My sweet undoing

Mischievous smile

Gloriously clear laughter

A never clenching thirst of learning

A relaxed elegance of teaching

Each day a challenge,

Each day a triumph
Time goes running,

days becoming lifetimes

A concept child who became

a twister made flesh,

a veritable force of nature

Here, now softly breathing

Resting between my arms.
There’s pride in life now

A proud mother of a proud child

Unstoppable feelings

Comme l’orage, comme la tempête

Only growing: larger, stronger.
A year and a half to celebrate

The certainty of true and

unstoppable love, richness in life

My child -yes, my child!-

forever and forever more.

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